Explore medieval castle design and build one in your own outdoor area!

This workshop is aimed at KS1 and will secure understanding of shapes and symmetry, teach and reinforce their knowledge about castles whilst also ticking off some D&T objectives! Our outdoor workshop will develop your children’s teamwork and communication skills and allow them to experience the use of tools.

We will begin by setting the scene of a medieval England, exploring different castle structures, picking out their features and looking at the shapes they are based on.

The children will then work as a whole class team to create a large scale ‘stick castle’, made from bamboo. This will incorporate their problem-solving skills with their knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes.

Once we have built our class castle, the children will create symmetrical flags to adorn their magnificent structure.

These will be made using natural materials, hammered against a cloth to create imprints. Of course, being important residents at the castle the children will all need to create a crown out of natural materials to wear too!

How long does the workshop last?

The workshop lasts 2 hours and is available to book 10am-12pm & 1pm – 3pm.

A single workshop classes as a half day and can be booked for either the morning or afternoon.


Full day £350

Half day £225

“Today has confirmed to me that we need to use outdoor learning more, to support children’s learning.”

Deputy Headteacher & Year 3/4 Teacher


What happens if the weather is bad?

We will keep an eye on the weather forecast in the days running up to your booking. If heavy rain or strong winds is forecast we will contact you to reschedule the workshop as closely to your original booking as the weather and our availability will allow. Due to the nature of this particular workshop it is dependent on wind. Although the weather may be bright, we may have to reschedule if the weather is gusty due to risk assessments for the castle building.

Do we need a large outdoor space for this workshop?

No! We can cater to a range of outdoor spaces and aim to show you a fresh perspective of how you can utilise the space you have available. This workshop is suitable for any type of outdoor space you have available! The castle will need to be constructed on something flat, but it doesn’t matter if that’s grass or concrete! All we ask is that we can use a space that is cordoned off at break and lunch time to allow the day to run smoothly!

Do we need to provide resources?

Nope! We will arrive prepared with everything needed for the workshop. We bring all of the natural resources your class needs, so you can relax knowing you have a prep-free day!

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