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If you have stumbled upon our website it’s likely you are passionate about fostering a love of the outdoors in children.

You’re possibly looking for a holistic approach you can use in your classroom teaching that puts well-being and inclusion at the centre of learning.

We know you want your class to feel motivated, challenged and above all excited about education.

We can help you achieve all of this and more, whilst covering the curriculum outdoors and reconnecting your children with nature.

Our Alfresco Year

Fully reloaded for 2020/21 with a brand new planner available to organise all of your outdoor learning!

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Hello, we are the Co-Founders of Alfresco Learning!

Alfresco Learning is an outdoor learning company created by two primary school teachers, Jenny and Hollie, passionate about combining the curriculum with nature.

Our aim is to get children out of their chairs, actively learning and experiencing the outdoor world; whilst empowering educators to unlock the potential in their outdoor space.

If that sounds like an approach you would like to embrace, please take some time to look around, we have lots of different offerings to support you in your outdoor learning journey!

How Alfresco Learning has supported other educators so far . . .

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