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Take your everyday lessons outdoors

Joining our Outdoor Planning Hub will give you access to a wide range of curriculum-based outdoor lesson plans.

These plans are designed to be ‘grab and go’, simply tailor to your children’s specific needs and head out of the door.

Provide a hands-on learning style that all children can access and thrive from! Gift your class with memorable experiences through real-life learning and deepen their understanding in both core and foundation subjects.

What to expect:

  • Active, outdoor lesson plans, covering the National Curriculum, to enhance your teaching and engage your children
  • Planned by qualified primary teachers with experience of delivering the curriculum outdoors
  • Cross-curricular learning opportunities
  • New units of planning added regularly
  • Lessons that are low-prep – include the use of natural loose parts and regular classroom equipment
  • Follow-up support and CPD provided to all subscribers through Live Calls in our exclusive Facebook Group – supporting you in becoming a successful outdoor educator!

What’s inside the Outdoor Planning Hub?

Here’s a quick glance at some of the units we have to offer.

New units are added regularly, if there is something in particular you would like to see, let us know!

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Not sure whether our lesson plans are right for you?

A subscription is the most cost-effective way to access our lesson plans. But we understand every school is different, so if you would like to sample a few units before subscribing you can purchase them over in our TES Shop!

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We have a variety of school and individual subscription plans available!

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Do you have planning for KS2?

Currently we have a growing collection of outdoor lesson plans for LKS2 (Year 3 & Year 4). We do have plans to expand into UKS2 in the future. Join our email list (green box below) to be notified about its release!

Do you have planning for Early Years?

Some practitioners do adapt the KS1 ideas for Early Years, but there are not any specific lesson plans for Early Years available.

How do I manage my subscription?

Upon sign up you will create details for our Members Area. In there is a link to ‘My Account’ which allows you to view all of your purchases with us and manage your subscriptions.

Combining the curriculum with nature

Our experience in the classroom means we understand the demand for covering the curriculum. Teachers rarely have time for outdoor fun and reconnecting children to nature.

Our lesson plans cover all aspects of the National Curriculum, enabling teachers to take core and foundation subjects outdoors. Bringing nature and the curriculum together in one!

How to access the Planning Hub

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If you are looking for a learning approach that supports well-being, covers the curriculum, deepens understanding through a hands-on approach and brings joy to children, come and join us!

Discover a new way to teach the curriculum that puts active learning at the centre of the approach. If you’re tired of tables and worksheets and looking to bring some spark back to your teaching, come and give these lesson plans a try!

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