What is Alfresco Learning?

Alfresco Learning is an outdoor learning company created by qualified Primary Teachers with a passion for the active, outdoor learning. Our mission is to bring the curriculum together with the outdoors to create an inclusive approach providing memorable learning experiences for children.

Our vision is to help teachers unlock their potential in curriculum-based outdoor education

We understand the challenges faced by teachers when taking on outdoor learning; time spent getting ready, resources, managing whole-class sizes single-handed. We have experienced it all for ourselves and can offer you practical solutions, to make outdoor learning a regular part of your teaching practice.

Our Services

Our KS1 Outdoor Planning Hub

Subscribe to our Planning Hub for active, outdoor lesson plans, covering the KS1 curriculum to enhance your teaching and engage your children!

Our Curriculum-based Outdoor Workshops

Booking an outdoor workshop for your class provides an engaging learning experience for your children, as well as supporting you in delivering a broad and balanced curriculum. Read more about how an outdoor workshop could benefit your setting …

Our Online CPD

Our online training is designed to support educators across the primary age range in developing their knowledge and confidence around outdoor learning. Read more about how our online training could support your staff …

Our Face to Face Training

Delivered in the form of twilight sessions and inset days, our face to face training sessions aim to empower teachers to deliver curriculum-based outdoor learning on a regular basis. Covering everything from risk assessing to effective outdoor activity ideas across the curriculum. Read more about the modules we cover, how we can tailor the training to your setting and how our training experience could benefit your staff …

Our Story

Find out more about how Alfresco Learning was co-founded and the ethos behind the company…

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