Traditional Tales

Experience the traditional tale of your choice within your outdoor space!

Our outdoor workshop retells the story outdoors, whilst moving through a life size story map.

Your class will work to transform your blank outdoor playground into a colourful map of the story displaying the different settings and journey the characters take, using chalk.

Then they will have the opportunity to add detail with transient art and out extensive collection of natural loose parts.

Finally we turn our focus towards the characters, using leaves, sticks & paint to create leaf puppets!

The children will learn of a plot twist ending to the traditional tale! Using their leaf puppets in groups to act out a sequel to the original story.

This workshop is aimed at Key Stage One but can be adapted to suit most ages and stories.

Your class will tick off some geography objectives through mapping the setting, confidently recall the plot your traditional tale. Plus they will develop their creativity & drama skills by creating a new story ending with their leaf puppets!

How long does the workshop last?

This workshop is designed to be a minimum of 1.5 hours per class. However, we can also provide a half day experience for a single class, providing an immersive experience. We aim to be flexible, so can cater our workshops to suit your needs. If you would like your class to enjoy an Alfresco Learning workshop please fill out a booking enquiry to get in touch.


Full day £300

Half day £225

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What happens if the weather is bad?

We will keep an eye on the weather forecast in the days running up to your booking. If heavy rain or strong winds is forecast we will contact you to reschedule the workshop as closely to your original booking as the weather & our availability will allow.

Do we need a large outdoor space for the workshop?

No! We can cater to a range of outdoor spaces and aim to show you a fresh perspective of how you can utilise the space you have available. For this workshop we do need an area of the playground for our story map. All we ask is that we can use a space that is cordoned off at break & lunch time to allow the day to run smoothly!

Do we need to provide resources?

Nope! We will arrive prepared with everything needed for the workshop. We bring all of the natural resources your class needs, so you can relax knowing you have a prep-free day!

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