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So you’ve maybe seen some of the curriculum-based outdoor workshops we have to offer for Primary Schools. There’s one you’re maybe considering booking but you’re not exactly sure what a ‘curriculum-based outdoor workshop’ entails. This blog post is just for you! Read on to find out what’s involved!!

Expect us to be flexible!

Each Primary School and each teacher’s needs are different. Some would like us to spend a full day with their class, others are 3 form entry and would like us to work with all 3 classes in a day, some are just looking for a morning or afternoon workshop. We can adapt all of our outdoor workshops to suit your needs! When you get in touch with us, just make sure to tell us how many children & classes you have, and we will be able to give you some options to choose from!

Expect your class to have lots of (educational) fun!

We know that Primary Schools ask their teachers to book trips of visits to hook children into their topics of learning, and that is exactly what we offer! All of our outdoor workshops are designed to be active & engaging, whilst bringing children in touch with nature! All of our activities are completely interactive and encourage the development of social skills. Many teachers have reported to us that their class has developed new found abilities to work well in teams as a result of the activities we’ve delivered! 

Expect peace of mind!

We were teachers for many years and of course we booked our own visitors for the children, so we know that those days are great for us teachers too right? When we visit you can relax, knowing that we have prepared all of the resources & activities for the day. Meaning you can simply take part, observe some new teaching practises and support the delivery of the workshop (read enjoy no planning or prep the night before!) We’re much easier than organising a trip, we’ll send you our risk assessments & parent information leaflets before we arrive, saving you heaps of time and effort! 

There’s also no need to worry about the size or style of your outdoor space. Most of our workshops are adaptable to a range of environments, if there are any specific requirements we’ll discuss this with you before you book!

Expect to experience the elements!

In the run up to the workshop we keep a close eye on the weather forecast. If we can see that the weather is likely to be unsuitable (high winds and heavy rain) we will contact you to reschedule as closely as the weather forecast permits! However, we do endeavor to still teach when it’s breezy, in the sunshine & showers. So our parent leaflet reminds parents to send their children to school dressed appropriately for the day, just don’t forget about yourself & your staff!

Expect to have curriculum objectives ticked off!

Our teaching background means that we tie in the National Curriculum objectives to all of our activities, ensuring that the day is purposeful to your current learning! Jenny is a science specialist & Hollie’s background is in play-based learning, so you can rest assured that the workshop will prove meaningful to your current learning!

Many teachers take photographs in our workshops and use them as evidence of learning and achievements! Some have even stuck them into science books to demonstrate working scientifically. Our workshops will challenge your children to think in a new way, with creative problem solving & group work. 

Expect to get muddy & have new sensory experiences!

In some of our workshops the children will come across completely new experiences. For example kneading their hands in a bucket full of mud. It may sound simple but we’re finding lots of children are worried to do this! After all they’ve been warned not to get muddy many times as they’ve grown up, but most have never been told why. 

Some have sadly never actually touched mud before. As their teacher you are their trusted adult. We are effectively strangers when we visit. So the children will need to see you sticking your hands in the mud, interacting with natural objects and having fun with it all. This will help to reassure them that  these activities are not only safe, but fun too! Help your class to connect with the natural world by being a role model for them. We love building children’s confidence around natural materials. Taking those unsure children and transforming them into confident explorers is why we love what we do!

Expect to be inspired!

We’re new to your setting, so when we arrive we are a fresh pair of eyes ready to spot the potential in your outdoor space! We will demonstrate how to make effective use of the space you have (whether it be large or small, natural or concrete!) Whilst our workshops are delivered to the children, it’s also an excellent CPD opportunity for the staff. You’ll get the opportunity to see how we set up boundaries and establish safety in a fun & engaging way. We’ll equip you with new outdoor activity ideas & we’re always happy to share a few ideas for your upcoming topics too!

We hope that’s got you excited about an outdoor curriculum-based workshop for your school & answered some of your questions! Don’t forget to check out our Facebook & Instagram pages to see us in action at other schools.

We deliver our outdoor workshops to the areas shown in the graphic above. To find out our availability & pricing click the link below!

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