Taking Christmas Outdoors in 2020


Christmas is fast approaching and for the first time we find ourselves unable to deliver many Christmas traditions. Nativities are going virtual, Christmas discos are cancelled and squeezing large numbers of children and staff into a grotto is out of the question this year. But let’s not despair because Christmas is still magical! And yes we can still experience those warm, fuzzy, festive feelings. Why? Because we are teachers and bringing magic and sparkle into our children’s lives is what we do every single day!!

That being said teachers have had an incredibly hard year and you can be forgiven for feeling a little bit jaded and unenthusiastic about Christmas right now. So today we are here to give you an inspiration boost, to help you shake off that heavy feeling and bring back your festive spirit so you can sprinkle that Christmas magic all over your class this year! And of course in true Alfresco style we’re going to get you inspired to do it outside!

Why you should take your Christmas celebrations outdoors this year

1) Being outdoors offers some peace of mind

Before we give you that ‘feel good’ feeling about Christmas, let’s just get real for a moment. Being outside has consistently been sighted as the safest environment for us all to be in during the pandemic. 

Let us reflect on how often we are assessing how safe ourselves and our classes are indoors, what impact is this having on us as educators? This constant thought process is incredibly draining and whilst we still cannot completely relax outside, we can move around knowing that we are in the safest environment possible, which can only be a good thing for our own mental well-being.

2) The outdoor atmosphere

Okay so we all dream of a white Christmas and find it rarely happens for us here in the UK, but there is something enchanting about stepping out into crisp, cold air around the festive period. Add a little bit of imagination (and possibly some Santa hats) and it’s relatively easy to get swept up in a festive dream outside. The outdoor environment doesn’t need preparing to create Christmas magic, because just being outdoors does that for you!

If you really want to go for it, talk to your site manager about putting up some festive decorations or outdoor fairy lights to create a really special feeling in your outdoor space! Imagine the kind of experiences you could create for your class surrounded by twinkling lights!

3) Being outdoors burns off excess energy and excitement

It’s inevitable that once the celebrations begin so too does the overexcitement! It can be difficult to balance getting into the festive spirit and managing behaviour/energy levels. Have you heard the saying “Children cannot bounce off the walls if we take the walls away?” There’s lots of truth in this! Luckily the outdoor environment provides plenty of space to burn off excess energy and help you manage overexcitement. 

Whilst delivering your Christmassy activities incorporate lots of movement and running to keep the children active, warm and to provide a positive way to channel their energy. You can keep the festive cheer going, they can continue to be wrapped up in their excitement and every continues to have a positive time!

4) The outdoor environment has a wealth of opportunities for getting stuck into Christmas!

There are so many different learning opportunities outdoors for taking Christmas outdoors! We have put together a mix of curriculum based activities and craft ideas all in one handy activity pack! Inside are 17 different ideas, adaptable across the primary age range, plus they require minimal resourcing and are designed for all educators to deliver (no fire lighting or tools skills required!)

If you would like some fresh, outdoor, festive activity ideas you can purchase yours now for just £10!

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