Senses Discovery

Transport your class to a world of new experiences right in your very own outdoor area!

Our session will begin with a selection of Alfresco Learning’s boundary and safety games, to ensure children have an awareness of the outdoor space they will be learning in.

We will start our session by introducing vocabulary linked to the 5 senses, this will include the use of chalk and play to ensure all children are aware of what the learning focus is.

Next we will discover a story outdoors; using a book that includes experiences of the senses, so that children can begin to secure their understanding ready for the next part of the workshop.

Moving around senses stations set up in your outdoor space, your children will develop a first hand-experience of their bodies abilities!

These will include barefoot walking trays, viewing blocks, sound hunts and smelling bags. Each station will focus on a different sense providing lots of opportunity for discussion!

Finally, the children will need to apply what they have learned about their senses to create a character from the story using natural materials. They can then describe this character using their senses and let their imaginations really shine!

Aimed at Early Years Foundation Stage & Key Stage One, this outdoor workshop will give your children a secure understanding of the senses through immersive, first-hand experiences.

Your class will view their familiar outdoor environment in a whole new way following this workshop and develop new vocabulary to describe their experiences, meaning the learning will continue even once we are gone!

How long will the workshop last?

The workshop is designed to be a minimum of 1.5 hours per class. However, we have successfully delivered half day workshops to single classes, providing an immersive experience. We aim to be flexible, so can cater our workshops to suit your needs. If you would like your class to enjoy an Alfresco Learning workshop please fill out a booking enquiry to get in touch.


Full day £300

Half day £225


What if the weather is bad?

We will keep an eye on the weather forecast in the days running up to your booking. If heavy rain or strong winds is forecast we will contact you to reschedule the workshop as closely to your original booking as the weather & our availability will allow.

Do we need a large outdoor space for the workshop?

No! We can cater to a range of outdoor spaces and aim to show you a fresh perspective of how you can utilise the space you have available. For this workshop it doesn’t matter if you have a concrete jungle or a grassy meadow, it can take place anywhere! All we ask is that we can use a space that is cordoned off at break & lunch time to allow the day to run smoothly!

Do we need to provide resources?

Nope! We will arrive prepared with everything needed for the workshop. We bring all of the natural resources your class needs, so you can relax knowing you have a prep-free day!

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