Neil Armstrong

Train your class to be astronauts in this outdoor workshop! 

We’ll begin by introducing Neil Armstrong and his Apollo 11 team, visiting some key facts about them and their space craft. Then the children will begin their training by completing some fiddly tasks, such as zipping up coats, in their astronaut gloves!

Next we will get ready to launch our own versions of Apollo 11! 

The children will demonstrate their creative flair by decorating their plastic bottles, work as teams & use their knowledge of fractions to fuel them with water and then launch them high into the sky using our stirrup pumps! Every child will receive a go at launching their group model!

Then we will work together to make a large piece of outdoor moon art, using a round tarpaulin and flour! 

We’ll discover how asteroids play a role in the creating the craters on the moon, by launching our sponge balls at the art work. We will also role-play Neil Armstrong’s famous first words on the moon as we create the footprints on the surface too! Finally we complete our large-scale artwork by recreating star constellations on the ground around the moon!

How long does the workshop last?

The workshop is designed to be a minimum of 2 hours per class. However, we can also deliver a full day workshop to single classes, providing an immersive experience. We aim to be flexible, so can cater our workshops to suit your needs. If you would like your class to enjoy an Alfresco Learning workshop please fill out a booking enquiry to get in touch.


Full day £300

Half day £225

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What if the weather is bad?

We will keep an eye on the weather forecast in the days running up to your booking. If heavy rain or strong winds is forecast we will contact you to reschedule the workshop as closely to your original booking as the weather & our availability will allow. Due to the nature of this particular workshop it is dependent on wind. Although the weather may be bright, we may have to reschedule if the weather is gusty due to risk assessments for the rocket launch.

Do we need a large outdoor space for the workshop?

Normally we can cater to a range of outdoor spaces and aim to show you a fresh perspective of how you can utilise the space you have available. But for this workshop we do require a playing field for the rocket launch activity. We are working to develop a version of the workshop to suit smaller settings, so please still get in touch if that’s the case!

Do we need to provide resources?

Nope! We will arrive prepared with everything needed for the workshop. We bring all of the natural resources your class needs, so you can relax knowing you have a prep-free day!

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