Preparing for Outdoor Learning in Different Weather Conditions

This training module, led by Jenny, will guide you in planning for high quality outdoor learning in different weather conditions.


What does the module cover?

  • Organisation for successful outdoor learning 
  • How to accommodate whole classes outdoors in different weather conditions
  • Unsuitable weather types for outdoor learning and safety points to consider
  • How to adapt your sessions to suit the weather
  • Spontaneous learning opportunities for a variety of weather types 

‘Bad weather always looks worse through a window.’ – Tom Lehrer

Includes an interactive handbook

Our bespoke handbooks are designed to sit alongside the video, providing you a quick way to reference back to the training afterwards. They’re also editable, meaning you can type your notes straight into them. Then simple download to save to your device for safe keeping!

You’ll also find your certificate of completion in the back of the handbook.

This module is also available as a part of the Introductory Series

What’s included in your online training?

  • Access to an online video delivering the training – you can watch this at a pace to suit you
  • An interactive handbook with key notes from the training and space to reflect and make notes – this is in the form of an editable PDF
  • A certificate as proof of training
  • Follow-up support provided to all subscribers through Live Calls in our exclusive Facebook Group – supporting you in becoming a successful outdoor educator!

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