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Unlock your potential in curriculum-based outdoor learning

Training with us will give you confidence to take whole classes of children, across the primary age range, outdoors safely for their learning.

Our training enables you to get children’s feet out the door and into their surroundings, with the knowledge that you need to deliver fun and engaging lessons, covering the National Curriculum.

Feel confident taking lessons outdoors and connecting children with nature

Our combined experience of classroom teaching and outdoor workshop delivery, means we understand how you might feel when venturing outdoors for the first time.

We are here to inspire, help and guide you with incorporating more outdoor learning into your everyday teaching practice, equipping you with practical knowledge and skills.

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Each training module includes:

  • Access to an online video delivering the training – you can watch this at a pace to suit you
  • An interactive handbook with key notes from the training and space to reflect and make notes – this is in the form of an editable PDF
  • A certificate as proof of training
  • Follow-up support provided to all subscribers through Live Calls in our exclusive Facebook Group – supporting you in becoming a successful outdoor educator!

Training Series

Each series consists of a number of modules, chosen to compliment each other in a particular area of outdoor learning. The cost of buying a series is cheaper than buying the same modules individually.

Introductory Series

Designed for primary educators to learn the ‘how’ behind getting outside with their whole class. Consisting of 3 separate training modules:

  • The Research Behind Outdoor Learning and Its Benefits
  • Managing Safety and Establishing Routines in Your Outdoor Space
  • Preparing for Outdoor Learning in Different Weather Conditions


Training Modules

Individual training modules are each focused on one area of outdoor learning, so you can choose specific areas to develop in your own outdoor teaching practice.

The Research Behind Outdoor Learning and Its Benefits

This training module, led by Hollie:

  • Takes a deeper look into the research and theory behind outdoor learning.
  • Brings together academic studies and reading to outline the benefits of outdoor learning. 


Managing Safety and Establishing Routines in Your Outdoor Space

This training module, led by Hollie:

  • Draws upon our experience from delivering workshops to a wide range of settings
  • Provides you with the knowledge needed for safe outdoor learning experiences.


Preparing for Outdoor Learning in Different Weather Conditions

This training module, led by Jenny:

  • Draws upon our personal experiences of teaching outdoors over the years
  • Delivers a wealth of practical tips to help you get the most out of outdoor learning in a wide range of weather conditions.


Utilising Your Outdoor Space for Learning Opportunities

This training module, led by Jenny:

  • Is aimed at teachers and senior leaders looking to implement more outdoor curriculum-based learning, using their whole school grounds
  • Helps you to reflect on the potential of your outdoor space, any challenges it poses and solutions to these
  • Guides you in creating an action plan to develop your outdoor space for sustainable outdoor learning


Overcoming Challenges with Outdoor Clothing

This training module, led by Hollie:

  • Draws upon our experience in the classroom, on how to successfully manage clothing for whole class outdoor learning
  • Provides you with actionable steps to ensure your class are dressed appropriately for the outdoors whatever the weather



Is your training suitable for educators across the primary age range?

Yes! Our training is designed to enable educators to feel confident about outdoor learning with whole classes and give them a starting point to develop their practice.

Do you have to complete the training all in one go?

Short answer…no! Once purchased, you will be able to access your training whenever you choose through our members area, meaning that you can complete each module in smaller chunks if you wish.

Do you receive a certificate upon completion of the training?

At the back of your downloadable handbook you will find a certificate outlining which module you have completed. There is space to fill out your name and date of completion, ready to pop into your CPD file!

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