Our Journey – Developing Outdoor Learning in KS1

We are incredibly excited to bring you our second guest blog post! We met Charlotte when we visited her school to deliver one of our outdoor workshops. The...

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Seahorse Class – A case study into developing outdoor learning in EYFS

For today’s blog post we’re bringing you a real life case study! Today’s post is written by Claire Hawkins a Nursery teacher from Bristol with over 2...

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What to expect when Alfresco Learning Visit

So you’ve maybe seen some of the curriculum-based outdoor workshops we have to offer for Primary Schools. There’s one you’re maybe considering bookin...

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Our Alfresco Year – Spring Term

Hello & welcome! Hopefully you are already joining with the #ouralfrescoyear challenge. But if you’re not don’t worry, as it’s never too late to ...

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4 Natural Christmas Craft Ideas

Christmas is fast approaching and it’s coming around to the time of year where teachers need something to keep their class occupied and channel their Chr...

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5 Reasons to reconnect children with nature

It’s intuitively understood that giving children time outdoors is good for them in general. But when you’re asked to justify the benefits it can someti...

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4 Reasons why you need a Risk Benefit Assessment

Taking children outdoors can seem like going on a learning adventure, there’s plenty of research to back up the benefits, so why do most teachers stumble...

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18 Pumpkin Activity Ideas

It seems as though every October social media becomes awash with pumpkin activities! There’s so many fantastic, hands-on learning opportunities presented...

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Our Alfresco year

Would you love to spend more time outdoors with your class?

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Beat the heat and get outside

There are so many benefits to having regular outdoor lessons in the timetable. However, when the temperature soars there is lots to consider when keeping y...

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