5 essential outdoor learning resources

One of the main barriers educators identify when taking their lessons outdoors is resourcing. But what we THINK we need for successful outdoor lessons and what we ACTUALLY NEED are two very different resource wish lists! At Alfresco Learning we pride ourselves on offering a simple approach to curriculum based outdoor learning, one which teachers […]

Convincing reluctant staff to embrace outdoor learning: 4 tips for Outdoor Learning Leaders

Deciding to take more of the curriculum outdoors within your weekly teaching practice is an easy decision to make, especially once you’re aware of all the academic, emotional and social benefits it brings. If you’re an outdoor learning subject leader, the chances are you’re already passionate about spending time outdoors and have witnessed the many […]

How to take your Science Week outdoors!

This year, British Science Week takes place between 5th – 14th March. With schools across the UK currently all running at different capacities on site, we want to help educators plan a Science Week that’s suitable for remote learning and in-school provision. Whether children are at home or in school, it’s important for them to […]

18 Winter Garden Activities

It’s been reported that since the start of Coronavirus, 6 in 10 children have spent less time outdoors despite 83% of children agreeing that time in nature makes them feel happy. With us currently enveloped in winter, enduring another national lockdown, and our cultural aversion to being out in cold weather, it’s quite likely that […]

Taking learning outdoors in KS2

Outdoor learning is quickly gaining popularity amongst primary teachers during this pandemic. After all, the outdoor environment is the safest one we can be in right now. Plus, educators are still noticing the effects on children from the first lockdown and are finding that a hands-on, active approach is the most effective method to engage […]

Teaching Pumpkin Maths

It seems as though every October social media becomes awash with pumpkin activities! There’s so many fantastic, hands-on learning opportunities presented by pumpkins it’s difficult to resist! Here at Alfresco Learning we have been sharing pumpkin ideas aimed at Key Stage One on our¬†Instagram page, we love sharing practical learning activities on there so come […]

5 Natural Loose Parts for Outdoor Learning

Here at Alfresco Learning we are always raving about natural loose parts. They are our ‘go to’ resources to take the curriculum outdoors and no, they are not just for Early Years! In fact, we love them so much we own literally boxes of them! Most of our lesson plans inside the Outdoor Planning Hub […]

Bringing nature into our classrooms

It seems that the neutral classroom theme is here to stay, and why shouldn’t it? Neutralising busy classroom colours has been proven to have a calming effect on children and allows their work to shine on our displays. Implementing soft furnishings and softer lighting enables us to physically represent our choice to nurture these young […]

Outdoor meditation & mindfulness for children

Supporting children post COVID-19 is going to require lots of emotional support for our classes. It’s likely that the emotional impact of lockdown will take some time to unfold and reveal itself, as this is the nature of human emotion. Meditation & Mindfulness practises are a lovely holistic addition to any classroom, but taking them […]

How to unlock the learning potential in your outdoor area

It’s human nature to want what we don’t have. The same often goes for teachers in the form of environment envy! Whether you have woodland space, a large open playground or cosy nature filled corners, it’s likely you will be pining for the opposite. But today we’re moving past environment envy. We want to share […]

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