Our Story

Hello, we are Hollie & Jenny!

We are the founders of Alfresco Learning! Prior to running this company we both worked as teachers at the same Primary School. We both took leading roles in our respective year groups but always connected on our passion for hands-on learning experiences and the outdoors. Our social gatherings outside of work also often involved going for walks and enjoying nature (that is when there was no wine involved!)

Re-establishing a connection to nature provides the drive for what we do

Since setting up Alfresco Learning our passion for outdoor learning has continued to grow. Each week we’re witnessing the connections children can make with nature, how their first-hand experiences deepen their learning & the holistic impact spending time outdoors has on both the children & staff we meet.

Through all of our services we aim to share lasting inspiration

Many of the schools we have visited have gone on to develop their curriculum to include more time outdoors. Having incorporated more outdoor activities shared on our social media, staff contact us to say how much they’re enjoying their time teaching again. For us this is what Alfresco Learning is all about! Our mission is to connect the curriculum with nature & reveal to teachers the untapped potential to be found in outdoor learning!

We hope that you will join us in our outdoor adventures!

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